Intercultural Communication

The Center for Intercultural Cooperation and Communication (ZIKK) affirms and insists that biases and negative stereotypes interfere with cooperation, and contacts and communications promote mutual understanding.

  • The Center for Intercultural Cooperation and Communication (ZIKK) builds bridges of communication, understanding and respect among diverse ethnical, cultural and religious groups, promotes mutual understanding of peoples of Europe.
  • Carries out scientific researches on intercultural issues, in particular, on a problem of intercultural stereotypes, image of states and various ethnic groups, especially from Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasian countries.
  • Provides expertise and consultations on problems of strategic communications, especially in differing cultural or business environments.
  • ZIKK fights extremism, anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry in Germany and abroad. Monitors, analyzes and exposes an entire range of extremists.
  • Undertakes the efforts to deter and counter hate-motivated crimes, to provide outreach, education and training in techniques to prevent juvenile hate-related behavior.
  • ZIKK combats extremism through anti-bias education and training and supports Holocaust awareness and education.
  • Builds and maintains relationships and dialogue with international, national and local religious leaders of all faiths.
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