About the Center for Intercultural Cooperation and Communication

The Center for Intercultural Cooperation and Communication (ZIKK) – is a German socially useful non-governmental and nonpartisan organization which:

  • Promotes a cultural exchange and communications between representatives of various cultures. We recognize that biases and negative stereotypes interfere with cooperation, and contacts and communications promote mutual understanding
  • Carries out scientific researches on intercultural issues, in particular, on a problem of intercultural stereotypes, image of states and various ethnic groups
  • Designs and conducts opinion polls and surveys in Germany, other EU countries and abroad
  • Effectively assists migrants to be integrated into the states of the European Union
  • Provides psychological consultations and trainings of migrants, especially youth and female consultation
  • Implements various educational programs for foreigners and intercultural business - forums

Our Management:

Prof.Dr.Julius Khesin
- Chairman of the Board -

Prof.Dr.Igor Dementyev
- CEO -

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